Club Brittany Clean-Up Days this Weekend!

Club Brittany Family –

We need your help! This weekend is our annual clean-up of Club Brittany grounds to ensure we are ready for the upcoming season.  Jobs include tree/branch removal, fence repair, painting and general clean-up activities.  We will be cleaning up on Saturday starting at 10am and Sunday starting at 12pm.  Both days will end roughly around 5pm.

If you are able to help out, please go to the below links and signup for a job/day. As a reminder, we are almost 100% volunteer managed pool (only exception is the pool manager and lifeguards) so any help you can provide is much appreciated.

Club Brittany Clean-Up Day #1 (Saturday April 22nd)

Club Brittany Clean-Up Day #2 (Sunday April 23rd)


Chris Dunphey, Club Brittany President

2017 Registration is OPEN!

2017 registration is now open for both pool membership and swim team at Club Brittany!  

I want to thank the entire board for all their work to have the site ready.  This is our first milestone for the 2017 season and it took several hours, calls, texts, and emails to get us here today.  I continued to be impressed by the dedication of this board and we all are very lucky to have each of you at Club Brittany!

Few updates / clarifications that I wanted to share since our initial announcement of the 2017 membership rates…

  • We retitled our Expanded Social Membership to Two Person Household.  This membership is for a two person family living in the same household which is no longer restricted to two adults but can now be used for 1 adult with a child.  We hope this rate will better serve all of our smaller families at Club Brittany.
  • We decided to increase our Swim Team rates by $10 for 2017.  This was a hard decision for the board but we felt it was necessary in order for us to provide a slight increase in pay for our coaches. Our coaches are one of our most vital assets each year and we have some of the best.
  • As part of our fundraising efforts, we are re-establishing a group called Friends of Club Brittany! For a small donation, donors will be recognized and invited to all social events at Club Brittany. More details on this group will come out in the upcoming weeks but this will basically replace and expand our previous 2016 social membership.  We hope this change will help grow donations as well as give better visibility to a group of people who help make Club Brittany a special place for so many.

That’s it for now.  Please go out and register for 2017 on If you have any questions or issues, please let us know. Next post will include details around Friends of Club Brittany and our Clean-Up Days on April 22nd / 23rd!


Chris Dunphey, Club Brittany President


Upcoming 2017 Season @ Club Brittany

Club Brittany Family,

The start of 2017 season at Club Brittany is a few months away (can you believe it?).  As a result, we are happy to announce a few upcoming preseason events along with the 2017 membership rates. Please review the below sections for details and let us know if you have any questions and/or feedback.  Additional updates and details will be posted to in the upcoming weeks as we buildout the website for 2017.

Key Upcoming Dates:

  • March 15th – Board Meeting, 7pm @ Starbucks on Mill Dam
  • March 20th – 2017 Membership / Swim Team Registration Begins
  • April 2nd – Pool Cover Removal
  • April 22nd/23rd – Club Brittany Clean-Up Days

Tip: Subscribe to the Club Brittany Calendar and automatically have all events including updates show up on your calendar!

2017 Membership Rates

Membership rates have been significantly restructured this year in order to simplify administration and to attract new families to our pool. These changes align to our goals for 2017 which you can read about in the previous post.

In summary, we have made the following changes:

  • Sunset of Pool Bonds: In order to simply and streamline processing, the board decided to no longer offer or support pool bonds.  As an alternative, all existing bond members will qualify for a new rate called Legacy Family Membership which maintains cost at the 2016 level.  This change will drastically reduce the amount of administrative work required each year to maintain bonds as well as simply rates for new members.
  • Removal of Senior Membership Rates: We have removed the 2 senior rates offered in 2016 and replaced them with a new Expanded Social Membership which includes pool access, 10 guest passes, and a significant cost savings.  We feel this rate will better serve our senior members as well as provide an attractive rate for couples with no children who may not have qualified for the senior rates.
  • New Member Introductory Rate: We are excited to provide a 1-Year Promo Rate for new families to Club Brittany!  To qualify for this rate, families must have never been previous pool members.  This new option is a trial basis for 2017 and are hopeful it will attract new families to the pool.

We will release registration tips, FAQs, and potentially a tutorial to help assist families in selecting the best membership however below is a recap of all rates for 2017.

– $575 Family Membership

– $465 Legacy Family Membership (Previous Bond Holders)

– $350 Expanded Social Membership (includes pool access and 10 free guest passes)

– $350 New Family Membership 1-Year Promotional Rate

– $50 Babysitter Fee

– $25 Late Fee if membership paid in full after May 1st, 2017 (applies to all membership rates)

April 2nd – Pool Cover Removal

We are planning to remove the pool cover on Sunday April 2nd at 1PM in preparation for the Club Brittany Clean-Up Day and the start of the summer.  Please check your schedules and see if you can assist for a half hour or so.  We need at least 8 people to help remove the cover.

April 22nd & 23rd – Club Brittany Clean-Up Days

This year’s Clean-Up Day is Saturday April 22nd and Sunday April 23rd, 2017 beginning at 10AM.  We realize that this time may conflict with sports and church schedules but we will be at the pool for most of the day so hopefully everyone can find a little time to swing by and lend a hand.  There is no paid staff at Club Brittany other than the lifeguards and Pool Manager so we need member’s to volunteer to help. A job sign-up will be sent out in the next few weeks and we are also planning to have a cookout after the clean-up, so consider coming to lend a hand and sticking around to enjoy some food and friends.


Chris Dunphey, Club Brittany President

President’s Message

My name is Chris Dunphey and I’m the new president of Club Brittany.  My family joined the pool last year and instantly fell in love with it. As a result, I volunteered to be on the board and ultimately became the president.  I’m very excited about this upcoming season and the board has been working hard during the off season to make sure we have a great year.

This year will be focused on strengthening & simplifying Club Brittany.  After a few declining / stagnant years, we saw a modest increase in memberships last year and want to continue that momentum this year while we work on some much needed improvements around the pool.

Focusing on strengthening and simplifying the pool, the board has decided to focus on the following goals for this season:

  • Simplify membership rates
  • Increase pool membership by 10-15 families
  • Grow donations and sponsorships
  • Beautification and continued maintenance of pool and grounds
  • Building a storage shed for swim team

More details on how we plan to achieve these goals will be provided in the upcoming weeks as we pull together the 2017 calendar and update the website for the start of pool registration on Monday, March 20th.

In closure, I want to introduce our newest board member: Claude Reid.  Claude and his family have been pool members for roughly 15 years.  He is joining in our fundraising position and we are very excited to have him.  I also want to sincerely thank all of our board members.  I have been extremely impressed with their commitment to the pool and willingness to help on all things Club Brittany.


Chris Dunphey, Club Brittany President